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    Jacob Cole

    Music Instructor

Jacob Cole is a west coast based singer/songwriter, guitar player and teacher. Previously fronting Saint Anne’s Place and King Cole, he has recently begun coming into his own as a solo artist with a DIY spirit. Having released his first EP “Cold Blue” this past fall via Sip Music Club and Wiener Records, and now coming off of a successful summer tour, Cole continues to grow and explore where-ever his music may take him. With a fan base that is more of a continually-expanding circle of friends, Jacob Cole’s true passion is connecting with people through shared experiences, stories and song.

Growing up on the quiet central coast in a musical and artistic family. He took inspiration from his father, and grandfather before him, to pick up the guitar at age 12. He started teaching at the Lompoc School Of Music at age 14. Completing their music teacher certification program as a level one instructor. He then moved on to teach guitar privately and at Owens Music, both in Lompoc and in Santa Maria. During this time he continued to hone his craft, always learning and becoming a more proficient guitar player in the process. Starting to play out at local dive bars and music clubs at the age of 15, he learned first hand the value of listening before playing and how best to serve the song while jamming with seasoned musicians twice his age.

Being lucky enough to have traveled and played music everywhere from California to the midwest and all the way to the British Isles has taught him; no matter what your experience or age, no one ever stops learning. Reminded of what Bruce Lee once said “Artistic skill, does not mean artistic perfection. It remains rather a continuing medium or reflection of some step in development, the perfection of which is not to be found in shape and form, but must radiate from the human soul.” We are all students in our own way.


Music is to the mind as air is to the body. ~ Plato