Student Recitals

Certain Sparks Music’s bi-annual student recitals are a highly anticipated event in the Lompoc community. These recitals not only showcase the talent and hard work of our music students, but also serve as a fundraiser for our music lesson scholarship program.

Held at the beautiful Lompoc Wine Factory, our recitals take place twice a year, in the summer and winter. The venue provides a stunning backdrop for our students to perform in front of a live audience, surrounded by the charm of Lompoc’s wine country.

One of the unique features of our recitals is that our students form bands with their teachers and peers. This collaborative effort allows our students to experience the joy of playing music together and develop valuable teamwork and performance skills.

In addition to providing a platform for our students to showcase their talents, our bi-annual recitals also serve as a fundraiser for the Certain Sparks Music Foundation’s music lesson scholarship program. All proceeds from ticket sales and donations go directly towards supporting our scholarship program, which provides access to musical instruments and education for underprivileged youth in the Lompoc community.

We invite everyone to attend our bi-annual student recitals and support our mission of providing access to music education to all. Whether you are a music lover, a parent, or a community member, the Certain Sparks Music recitals are a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the power of music and make a difference in the lives of our students.