Youth Open Mic

Project Starts February 1st 2022

The Certain Sparks Music Foundation sponsors a bi-monthly student hosted Open Mic. Students are invited to take the stage and share there new found talents with their peers. Avery Lange hosts, and instruments are provided!

CSMF Thrift Rack at Certain Sparks Music

The Certain Sparks Music Foundation has added a rack of used and vintage clothing in front of Certain Sparks Music with all proceeds benefiting the Certain Sparks Music Foundation. Items can be dropped off for donation at Certain Sparks Music, 107 S. H Street,...

Summer Build-a-Band Camp 2022

Project Starts on 1 June 2022

Studying the art of music can often feel like an isolating, solitary affair, with hours spent alone practicing the necessary scales and chords to one day become a “real” musician. That approach to education neglects one thing that has always spurred musicianship throughout the...

Music is to the mind as air is to the body. ~ Plato

We need to keep this drum circle going!

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