Youth Open Mic

The Certain Sparks Music Foundation is proud to offer our monthly Youth Open Mic, a student-hosted event that provides a supportive and welcoming environment for young performers in the Lompoc community. Held at Certain Sparks Music, our open mic is a wonderful opportunity for youth to showcase their talents and gain confidence in their abilities.

Instruments are provided at the open mic, and performers can also request the backup of our talented teachers to create a full band sound. This not only adds to the overall experience of the event but also provides a unique opportunity for students to collaborate with experienced musicians.

Prizes are awarded for outstanding performers, including first-time performers who are stepping out of their comfort zone. This encourages young musicians to take risks and push themselves to new heights, all while receiving recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Live sound support is provided by Robby Theis, a young entrepreneur who recently started his own audio production company, Lime Ave Productions. Robby brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our open mic events, ensuring that each performer sounds their best and the audience is fully engaged in the performances.

To make the event even more enjoyable, popcorn is provided, and families are encouraged to bring and share snacks. This creates a fun and festive atmosphere where everyone can come together and enjoy the magic of music.

The Certain Sparks Music Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for youth to experience the joy of music and develop their skills and confidence. Our monthly Youth Open Mic is just one of the many ways we strive to fulfill our mission, and we invite everyone to join us and support our young musicians.

All Open Mic shows are from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Dates for the year of 2023:

January 27th

February 24th

March 31st

April 28th

May 26th

June 30th

July 28th

August 25th

September 29th

October 27th