This summer, Santa Barbara Bowl’s Education Outreach program provided a generous donation to sponsor the Youth Stage of 2018’s Flower Festival!

Like Certain Sparks Music Foundation,¬†Santa Barbara Bowl’s Education Outreach program strives to make a difference within Santa Barbara communities supporting and sponsoring organizations that aim to provide youth with access to performing arts. Similarly, one dollar of every ticket purchased to a show at the Bowl, will go towards our Ticket Subsidy program. The program makes it possible to subsidize the cost of tickets to shows here at the Bowl to give deserving youth members of the Santa Barbara community a chance to experience live music.

Their donation will be used to provide instruments and lessons to children who cannot afford them. Thanks, SB Bowl!

How You Can Help

Certain Sparks Music Foundation is committed to bringing lessons and instruments to students who cannot afford them at regular rates. We strongly believe that music is something that everyone should be able to take part in, regardless of their current economic circumstance.

Learn more about the different ways you can donate here.