At the heart of the Certain Sparks Music operations are their dedicated support for all things related to the Lompoc community.  Never once has the team hesitated to assist not only Local Fest, but countless other local events with the sole aim of making our community a better place.  They truly understand the importance of supporting each other to uplift the entire community.

Cristian has autism spectrum disorder and ADD. He needed an outlet as well as something that interested him.

It has been amazing! He has learned soooo much in a short time. Randall has such patience with him and even on Cristian’s bad days Randall gets him back on track and excited to play.

I can not express my gratitude enough for what Randall at Certain Sparks has done with my son. I believe all children should be afforded the opportunity to play an instrument!

Certain Sparks ability to teach elementary students percussion is outstanding.  They invests their time and energy to connect with the students so they feel comfortable and interested pursuing a musical education.  Students get excited about the opportunity to drum and discover how they can create music through his acceptance and kind approach toward teaching.  They are a great resource to have as a music teacher.

I have witnessed the power of music education to bring hope.One student who has struggled with attention, focus, and behavioral challenges now practices positive social and scholarly skills. Certain Sparks sees the potential in each student, modeling dignity and self-respect.This student has responded by demonstrating kindness, diligence, and care for others.