Rock The Schools Assemblies

Certain Sparks Music is proud to offer an exciting and educational music assembly for elementary schools. Our experienced music instructors will bring a wide range of instruments to showcase and perform a variety of songs while teaching students basic music skills in a fun and interactive way.


During the assembly, students will enjoy a special performance by Certain Sparks Music instructors, who will demonstrate their amazing musical talents. This inspiring demonstration will showcase what can be achieved with dedication and practice, and encourage students to pursue their own musical interests.


Audience participation is a key element of our music assemblies. Students are encouraged to sing, clap, and stomp along to some of their favorite songs, making the experience even more enjoyable and memorable.


For just $950, you can book two assemblies in one day, or for $650, you can book one assembly. This makes it easy for schools to offer this enriching musical experience to their students, without breaking the budget.


In addition to the entertainment factor, our music assembly also has important educational benefits. By introducing students to a variety of instruments and musical styles, we help to broaden their horizons and encourage an appreciation for different cultures and traditions. Our instructors also teach basic music skills, including rhythm and melody, which can be applied in many other areas of learning.


At Certain Sparks Music, we are passionate about inspiring a love of music in young people. Our music assembly is designed to engage and inspire students and provide a fun and educational experience that they will remember for years to come. Book now and give your students the gift of music!


“Randall and the Certain Sparks Music Foundation were amazing! The mix of performances, education, and opportunities for our students to perform and play instruments kept the entire audience (students and staff) entertained and engaged throughout the assembly. The buzz resonated throughout the campus after the assembly ended, and the excitement for playing an instrument continues to grow within our school community. Truly one of the best music assemblies I have experienced!” ~ Megan Evans, Principal Los Berros Visual and Performing Arts Academy.