Vinyl Records

The Certain Sparks Music Foundation is excited to announce our latest project: the Vinyl Record Project. We are selling used vinyl records to fund our scholarship program, which provides instruments and music lessons to underprivileged youth in Lompoc, CA. The vinyl records are sourced from local community donations as well as a partnership with Paradise Trading Post in Orcutt, California. We encourage individuals and businesses to donate their used vinyl records, and we offer a tax deductible receipt for all donations.

Vinyl records have seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, even in the digital age. The warm, rich sound of vinyl has captivated music lovers young and old, and we are thrilled to offer these timeless classics at our music store, Certain Sparks Music, located at 107 S H Street in Lompoc, CA. Our collection of vinyl records is constantly growing, with new additions arriving regularly.

Each vinyl record is priced at $5, with all proceeds going towards our scholarship program. By purchasing a vinyl record from us, you are not only adding to your music collection, but also supporting a great cause. Our Vinyl Record Project is a fun and unique way to contribute to our mission of providing access to music education to youth in our community.

We invite everyone to visit Certain Sparks Music and browse our vinyl record collection. Your support will make a difference in the lives of our students, while also bringing the joy of music to your own home.