On December 16th and 17th, the Certain Sparks Music Foundation hosted its annual Winter Recital, featuring 100 talented performers of all ages. The two-night event, held at the Lompoc Wine Factory, drew an audience of 350 supporters who were treated to a night of beautiful music and great performances.

The recital showcased a variety of musical styles, including classical, jazz, and contemporary pieces, all performed with skill and passion by the students of Certain Sparks Music Foundation. But the event wasn’t just about showcasing talent. The foundation also held a silent auction with the proceeds funding music lesson scholarships for youth in Lompoc.

By the end of the two-night event, a total of $5,199 had been raised for this cause, a testament to the generosity of the community and the hard work of the foundation’s students and staff.

That brought our total raised by the Certain Sparks Music Foundation in 2022 to $23,297.67.

Avery Lange, one of the foundation’s board members, expressed her gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the recital. “We are thrilled to have raised funds to support music education and are grateful to our community for coming out to support our talented students. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students to learn, grow, and perform, and with the help of our community, we can continue to do that.”

The Certain Sparks Music Foundation has a long-standing tradition of hosting annual recitals and supporting music education in the community. With the success of this year’s Winter Recital, the foundation is looking forward to continuing its mission and providing opportunities for students to develop their musical talents and pursue their passion for music.

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