February Open Mic Night

On the evening of February 24th, local youth took to the stage to showcase their talents at the Youth Open Mic Night event. The event was held at our store at Certain Sparks Music and drew a crowd of 30-35 attendees who came to enjoy an evening of music.

The event featured 13 performers, including three newcomers who were excited to share their skills with the audience. The performers, ranging in age from 12 to 18, entertained the crowd with a variety of acts, including acoustic guitar performances, piano, and singing.

As the night went on, the energy in the room grew as the performers and audience members fed off each other’s excitement.

Throughout the night, Rosie, Sheena, and Debbie were named the top performers, earning them recognition and prizes for their outstanding performances. The three winners got a prize as well as a special gift from the store.

The Youth Open Mic Night was not just about recognizing talented young people. The event also served as a fundraiser to support the Certain Sparks Music Foundations. Attendees were encouraged to make donations throughout the night, and the generosity of the community was on full display.

In total, the event raised $140 in donations, which will be used to support lesson scholarships.

The Youth Open Mic Night was a resounding success, bringing together talented performers, supportive community members, and generous donors. The event demonstrated the power of the arts to unite people and enrich our communities.

The Next Event will be held March 31st 2023.

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